On Nepalese Social Butter and Cheese

by thekathmandudes

One can’t possibly fathom the depths of sycophancy when one is in semblance of cheesy decorum and wanna-be flowery, rainbowed, self-declared hippy charlatan of ages. I am not sure if such young adults should be quarantined or executed but I am awfully certain that such decorum to me is in dark contradiction to what others maintain in their miserable lives. I may be the black sheep of the family but instead of accepting the fact that we are living in a melodramatic and phoney democratic country, echoing the mass masquerade and at the same time reflecting its own semblance, I rather renounce my association with such easily combustible social members through denouncing my own citizenship. If we are to progress as a social being, as a Nepali then we’ve got to accept the stoicism of our Gurkha ancestors who always did by right and spoke in truth, defending such values as an honorable individual of society. Of course, our recent history may deviate a wee bit but it is a known fact that one should never trust a known hypocrite and a man without a moustache.