The Predicament: Part one

by thekathmandudes

What we know about life are just mere abstractions of what we have experienced in our absurd lives. The absurdness of our life not only extends to triviality of human nature in times of both joys and sorrows but to the inexplicable nature of human existence.  And one such absurdness is the need to fulfill one’s desire is incessant and which has always been superior to our sensations leading eventually to the depiction of indifference shown towards the greater good.  How much one may muse over the origin of one’s meaningful existence and it’s bizarre, hilarious, witty, conscientious or despicable rationale to be concluded, one always knows that it is absurd to have lived a life. And it is experience which makes us know for certain to have some knowledge of such bizarre sensation. But since such sensations cannot be declared absolute, one has to assume and what more resolve such precarious position in which one has plunged into. And hence, abstractions.

And one such abstraction was once made my Mr. Floyd who after this conclusion believed that the world was a place for people with desires and not for him. Floyd considered desires to be acquisitive whilst his own desires lay at the attainment of greater good. No he wasn’t a communist or an anarchist. He was just humane.

Now that desires leads to the awareness of various roles that people play in the success of one’s desire, while the procession of such awareness defines our thinking and influences and even obliquely manipulates behaviors.  And it was such role that a certain sister of Mr. Floyd had played which led him to think that human attachments are necessary evils that need to be experienced for attainment of desires. Floyd was a recluse’s recluse.  Or he wanted to become one. However all we need to understand here is that he wasn’t a sociable person.

However, being sociable is not about being voluble of ones desires in a gracious manner so that benevolence broadens but it is about respecting what others desire.   Floyd respected his sister in such a way but soon it was to change.

Admiration is assured till the admirer beholds admirable actions.